Human Trafficking in Saudi Arabia

Human trafficking crimes are one of the issues about which the world have  interested for their economic, social and humanitarian harms, such as exploiting the poor for prostitution and beggary, limiting their rights and freedom, non-payment of wages, and recruiting them in the armed conflicts using authority or by exploiting a human vulnerability situation .The estimates of the United Nations Organization point that millions of people are subjected to human trafficking and slavery on a daily basis, which will result in gaining large profitsestimated at 7 million dollars for the benefit of specialized gang.

Forms and manifestations of human trafficking in Saudi Arabia –according to The National Human Rights Commission- are: exploiting non-Saudi children, women, and old people in illegal acts by force for the sake of money, such as beggary, drug smuggling, and sexual relation. Moreover, there are other issues related to human trafficking, such as workers’ persecution and buying and selling visas.

What happens in Saudi Arabia is:

  • Buying and selling visas.

  • Posting advertisements of relinquishing domestic workers and drivers which is a kind of human trafficking that must be prevented.

  • Non-Saudi children, women, and old people are forcibly trafficked in illegal acts.

  • Recruiting workers and leaving them without having a real job.

  • US State report reveals that some Saudis circumvent “temporary marriage contracts” in Egypt and Yamen.

  • Using traffic victims and arming them in favor of Saudi Arabia in issues related to drugs, terrorism, and prostitution, despite the fact that human trafficking crimes law provides for 15 years of imprisonment and SAR 10 million fine for those who exploit poor and needy people.

Saudi Arabia –the country of money and oil- has provided an incubator environment for human trafficking. Its involvement in the silent crimes is evident.

Despite the fact that there are many individual cases mentioned daily in media, all that constitute destructive phenomena for oil kingdom.

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