The Top Five Things We Regret When We Get Old

An Australian nurse has written a book entitled (The Top Five Things We Regret When We Get Old). That book includes a summary:

Many seniors are asked before they died about the most five regretful things they have (or have not) done, if they were able to come back young.

It is noted that there are five common desires among the seniors which are:

First: I wish I had had the courage to live for myself, not the life that other people have expected or wanted from me. The majority have expressed their remorse for pleasing others (like their bosses), or acting according to the social norms to satisfy the society or those who live around them.

Second: I wish I had allocated more time for my family and friends, instead of wasting my whole lifetime on the hard labor routine.

 Third: Iwish I had had the courage to express my feelings honestly and clearly. Many people have suppressed their feelings in order to avoid clashing with others, or made sacrifices for those who do not deserve.

Forth: I wish I had kept in touch with my old friends or renewed our friendship. Old friends differ from the rest of them. We feel happy and recall our beautiful childhood memories with them, but sadly we go away from them at the stage of work or while starting a family until we lose them completely or hear about their death suddenly.

Fifth and last: I wish I had recognized earlier the true meaning of happiness. Most of us do not recognize that happiness is a mental state.

It has nothing to do with money, statue or fame. Happiness was a choice that can be gained with less efforts and cheaper costs, but we keep holding on to our traditional ideas about gaining it.

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