The axis of resistance grabbed the straits and America is idle under fire …!

By : ( Mohammed Sadiq Al-Husseini )

What US journalist Michael Moran wrote in Foreign Policy about the erosion of the US Navy is very important.

But the most important of this declaration is to identify the causes of this erosion, especially as what was published was written in light of developments on the ground, profoundly affecting the balance of regional and international powers, which can be summarized as follows:

  • The success of many countries in establishing no-fly zones on the US Navy, including Iran, which established a no-go zone on US aircraft carriers, with a depth of 200 nautical miles. In other words, they drove the US Navy aircraft, which depart from the carriers, from the field, because most of Iran’s vital targets are beyond the range of those aircraft, and because the carriers could not approach closer to the Iranian coasts, fearing anti-ship missiles, one of which was usedNoor 1, which has a range of 130 km, in the strike of the Israeli warship (Sa’ar) off the coast of Beirut, in July 2006, although Iran has several anti-ship missiles, more modern than the above-mentioned missile, such as missiles (Noor 4) and missile / Qader /. Private information confirms that Iran currently possesses anti-ship missiles with a range of more than two thousand kilometers.

  • The seismic strategic results of the large-scale aerial / missile / ground operations carried out by the Yemeni armed forces against the Saudi oil installations in Abqaiq and Khurais and against the Saudi ground forces in Najran.These achievements have changed the balance of power in the field, turning the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden into seas or restricted areas for US aircraft carriers for fear of being hit by missiles by Yemeni forces, which means that the resistance forces there, namely Iran, the Yemeni army and Ansar Allah in Yemen have controlled the two most important sea straits in the world, the Strait of Hormuz and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab.

  • The opening of the Al-Qaim-Albukamal border crossing between Syria and Iraq, and what this opening of this vital artery means, as it connects the two countries with Iran, Russia, China to the east and Lebanon and Palestine to the west, strategically. Especially that Palestine is of special importance to the Chinese project (one road and one belt). This is because Palestine is the link between the east and west of the Arab world, whether on the level of transport by wheels or by rail. We must also evoke the strategic importance of the military in terms of reopening this crossing, through tightening the strategic military siege on the Zionist entity, despite the presence of Jordan’s pocket between the Resistance Pact and temporarily Occupied Palestine,This means a huge shift in the balance of military power, especially if we look at this element of the American abandonment of the entity, which became clear, according to most of the most important Israeli analysts, after the Yemeni strikes on the targets of Saudi Aramco and Najran. Israeli analysts agree that by refraining from striking Iran militarily, the United States has left Israel alone in the face of the resistance forces, led by Iran.

  • If we add to this the naval blockade which will be imposed by the resistance forces, in Lebanon and Palestine, on the Palestinian coasts, upon issuance of the special operations order, what Mr. Nasrallah said in one of his speeches will be -addressing the Jewish population of occupied Palestine-fully understood.This is when he told them or advised them to leave the occupied Palestine quickly because if the war broke out, they would find no time to escape and no place to escape and that America will not be able to intervene to protect them before ending the existence of their entity.Thus, the question of liberating Palestine is no more than a matter of time, and the last stage of the strategic attack of the resistance alliance will be a lightning military operation, leading to the demise of the spider’s web as soon as everyone imagines.

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