Revealing One of the Biology Mysteries

Biologists of the “Johns Hopkins” US university have announced that they have discovered a genetic mechanism that has remained mysterious for many years. Violating this genetic mechanism causes humans and animals growth severe disabilities. website reported that this mechanism defines how the DNA can be rolled in its known formula and which genes can be active in future.

It turns out for the researchers from the tests results they made on the fruits flies/ The results of the tests that have been made by the researchers on the fruits flies revealed that a couple of chromosomesare covered inside the cell core , in which every chromosomeis in a special position facing the second chromosome.

If any violation happens, it will lead to disabilities like blindness, or the acroteria substitute the aerials, and other disabilities.

DNA is a very long molecule. It condenses inside the core(folds) .The scientists have discovered that in some parts of the fly’s body the condensation process runs quickly and more easily than in the other parts.

For example, in the light receptor cells the homogenous Chromosomes connect with each other to fix the damaged parts of the DNA whereas, in the aerials cells this mechanism functions in a different way and when it is violated,  stalks grow  instead of the aerials.

These chromosomes are called homogenous, when they carry allelic genes that encrypt the same group of proteins with a difference in its basic form/prime structure (Nucleotides sequence). In the case of joint reproduction (male and female) the born inherits one of the chromosomesfrom the father and the other from the mother.

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