The end of the third sequel of the Hollywood series .. Trump and Baghdadi

By: Naram Sargon

When studying ancient nations, it is enough for you to read their books and written documents. Culture has a flavor and an identity that reflects the identity of the mind, just like the taste of food in any house gives you a sufficient idea of ​​its identity and culture.

To understand China, you have to read Confucius and Buddhism.To understand the Japanese culture, read about the culture of samurai. To understand Russia Read “crime and punishment” and “war and peace” …To understand Islam, read how the imams of all sects wrote it, as there is no difference between its doctrines except in the rituals and personalities that revolve around rituals and so on.

But when you want to understand the newborn American mind you will not find many books because America is a country without a history; its history is buried in the land where the skulls of Indians pierced by bullets.But do not despair, you can know America from its films and Hollywood industry that documented the American mind, if you want to understand the American mentality you only need to watch a few Hollywood movies, where the hero who fights alone the masses of evil, and where  the villain does everything he wants before  the hero or the police car arrives in  the last shot and beat the villain by a fatal blow.

Daesh and Al-Baghdadi, followed by Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, and Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and Anbar are all Hollywood films. The evil hero is always a non-American that kills innocent people, but the good hero, which is always US Marines and Airmen, ends the story with a Hollywood show and an air strike in which creativity, excitement and skill are shown, and all is left are shreds  that are known only by DNA analysis.

American films became known and boring to us , so that after the end of the film of Baghdadi we are waiting for the next film with a new director .. When Obama announced his victory over bin Laden and killing him; the world thought that the story is over .. But the US was only announcing the end of al-Qaeda part of terrorism, which lost all the excitement as Bush used it a lot in his speeches So that it lost the thrill and excitement.Preparation for the other part of ISIS has already begun, but we can conclude that the American announcement of the end of the American-style Baghdadi film means that the Americans have decided that ISIS’s project has become impossible.Trump decided to end the story and the ridiculous war by declaring an end to the leader that Hollywood ,the CNN and his bipartisan rivals are leaning on, as he will facilitate his withdrawal from Syria  without excuses, justifications, intimidation and exploitation of the name of ISIS.

The question we should ask is why Baghdadi is in Idlib while it is full of all NATO and Turkey intelligence agents and is full of the intelligence of the Syrian state, Russia and their allies.How can this man travels through the desert and passes between Kurdish and American patrols, and the Syrian and Russian army and allies.

Did President Assad’s visit have an impact on Trump’s decision to eliminate Baghdadi because it was understood that the Syrian army was preparing to storm Idlib and uncover what is hidden,Baghdadi, who was left in the custody of Golani and Turkish intelligence ??There is a strange timing between the killing of al-Baghdadi and the visit of Assad and a few days between them.The Hollywood film ended with Willis Bruce killing Al-Baghdadi and ending the film,but another film on the way to the east produced by Hollywood is the fourth part of the war on terror with a new hero. This is how American policy in the Middle East is actors who play roles and heroes that end heroes, and in between a lot of destruction.Note: The film’s attachment will be dedicated to the end of the Golani, whose role has also ended.



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