Syrian-Russian efforts to return Syrian refugees to their lands

On Thursday, October 14, in Damascus, at the Ministry of Municipal Administration and Environment, a meeting of interagency coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria for the return of refugees was held via videoconference.

As part of the implementation of the joint plan, the Syrian government reported on the implementation of a set of measures to provide comprehensive assistance to Syrian citizens in returning to their homeland and restoring peaceful life in the country.

The measures taken in this area bring positive results.

To date, 1,999,848 Syrian citizens have already returned to their homes, including 1,304,919 internally displaced persons and 694,929 refugees from foreign countries. In Syria, 32,372 socially significant and industrial facilities have been repaired and put into operation. The figures presented demonstrate the effectiveness of measures taken by the Syrian Government to create decent living conditions for its citizens, as well as the safe return of refugees to their homeland.

At the same time, as the head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the warring parties and control over the movement of refugees, Yuri Borenkov, stated, the American side, under various pretexts, is delaying the evacuation of refugees from the Ruqban camp.

In these circumstances, the role of the United Nations in influencing the United States leadership is important in order to disband the Ruqban camp as soon as possible and to eliminate the 55-kilometre security zone around Al-Tanfa.

The meeting concluded with a joint statement by the parties.



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