Raqqa returned to its natural state

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi


When I came out of Raqqa under arms pressure after a series of criminal acts, including the kidnapping of four of my children and the martyrdom of the closest to me, I believed that I would return one day.

I suffered a lot and cried a lot,but I did not stand passively and I was not able to stand passively so I had to gather many of the people of Raqqa and incite them to fight to liberate Raqqa.

I rented them hotel rooms in Damascus despite I was short of money, I gave them lectures and then sent them to Raqqa and was waiting for them and looking forward to their work and accomplishments.

Many operations went well; but still I lost many as martyrs who were precious to me as my sons, and we have had difficult days and months. I lost the hero martyr Mahmoud Ali al-Mousa and some of his comrades, but the land of Raqqa always gives birth to heroic fighters;so I brought some of them to Damascus and set up combat courses and sent them back to Raqqa and recommended that they pick up and recruit the young nationals with a fighting spirit.

I took another step and gathered all the high-ranking students at the University of Damascus in the Youth Union Hall in Mezzeh in the presence of Comrade Secretary of the party branch “Ali Al-Ajeel” and it was a revolutionary day for Raqqa and many of them joined the ranks of fighters in Raqqa.

We gave a lot of martyrs but we also took revenge for them.Until we reached a situation where it became difficult to fight, so the remaining  heroes joined the back-up forces and some of them fought the liberation battles of Khan Sheikhoun, they were wounded and sent to the military hospital in Homs and recovered to return again to the battlefields.

Then came the time when the wise leader Bashar al-Assad liberated Raqqa.

So the ultimate joy began and Raqqa returned to the lap of the homeland.



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