Daily Archives: Sunday November 17th, 2019

The deceptive humanity of the US government and its dirty games

Against the background of the recent meeting of the Interdepartmental Coordination Staffs of Russia and Syria, I would like to remind you of the continuing plight in the Rukban refugee camp. Thousands of women and children are forced to fight for their lives on a daily basis, and in the absence of housing, they make bricks out of clay and ...

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America and theft of Syrian oil and gas

When US experts consider President Trump’s new strategy in Syria “far from reality and questionable in its legitimacy”, and when Nick Heras, an expert on the Syrian conflict at the Center for A New American Security says that “The Trump administration is trying to make the best oil resources of the country hostage and use it as a bargaining chip… ...

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Drugs …a dark tunnel; an illusion in its beginning and a destruction in its end

Some young people have a passion for reconnaissance and discovery without indifference to the consequences, the misconception that drugs help to forget and remove anxiety and stress, difficult circumstances and deprivation make a person resort to drugs to move away from the bitter reality even if it is in the imagination or temporary, andsobecomingan addict to it. Talking about the ...

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