The deceptive humanity of the US government and its dirty games

Against the background of the recent meeting of the Interdepartmental Coordination Staffs of Russia and Syria, I would like to remind you of the continuing plight in the Rukban refugee camp.

Thousands of women and children are forced to fight for their lives on a daily basis, and in the absence of housing, they make bricks out of clay and build dilapidated buildings that are dangerous to life.

At the same time, due to the unwillingness of the United States of America to guarantee the safety of representatives of humanitarian agencies in the occupied zone of El-Tanf, the implementation of the United Nations operational plan for the evacuation of refugees from the Rukban camp to safe and comfortable places to live has already been suspended for more than a month. Only now has information been received about the alleged notification sent to the United Nations by an international coalition led by the United States of America that it is ready to provide security guarantees for representatives of international humanitarian organizations when they withdraw refugees from Rukban.

Perhaps the Americans will finally ensure the security of representatives of the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in order to withdraw the remaining refugees from Rukban as soon as possible.

On Thursday, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky, speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Syria, said that the U.S. illegal military presence in Syria should be terminated, despite their interest in oil fields.

In the light of this statement, I would like to note the fact that the U.S. is playing a dirty game and under the guise of the great task of fighting terrorism and protecting refugees continues to occupy not only the oil fields, but also the Al-Tanf zone. Thousands of Syrian women and children are in distress in the Rukban camp, which is controlled by pro-American militants and the United States itself. All this creates additional tension in the already difficult situation around Syria. As our president stated in the TV channel “Russia 24”, the continuation of the occupation of Syria by the U.S. military forces may lead to popular armed resistance under the Iraqi scenario. “In time, if the occupiers remain, the Iraqi scenario will become an example for the Americans.

Will the leaders of the democratic world and the fighters against global terrorism themselves become terrorist oppressors of the freedom of the Syrian people against whom they will have to fight with weapons in their hands!

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