America and theft of Syrian oil and gas

When US experts consider President Trump’s new strategy in Syria “far from reality and questionable in its legitimacy”, and when Nick Heras, an expert on the Syrian conflict at the Center for A New American Security says that “The Trump administration is trying to make the best oil resources of the country hostage and use it as a bargaining chip… to force the Syrian and Russian forces to accept the demands of the United States !!”then; we understand, according to the writer, “Nabil Nayli,” though late, what US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said: “We are taking measures to strengthen our position in Deir Ezzor to prevent ISIS access to oil fields” !!!.

Through his writings, the writer was referring to the bogey of “Daesh”, which the American used and still using as their stick that they point wherever their interests are.

Here they are proving today that what Washington is doing now is taking over the oil fields in eastern Syria and extending its military control over them, or simply robbing and looting at the state level.Trump suggested that the United States “send one of the largest oil groups to exploit Syrian oil.”

He tweeted that “a few US soldiers will remain in Syria in areas that contain oil,” stressing “we have ensured the security of oil.” We will decide what to do in the future ”!!!!

After this, the writer wonders at the end of his article: What is the opinion of those who cling to the American skirt that lavish “democracies and freedoms” ????

Stupidity is a disease that can’t be cured!



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