Drugs …a dark tunnel; an illusion in its beginning and a destruction in its end

Some young people have a passion for reconnaissance and discovery without indifference to the consequences, the misconception that drugs help to forget and remove anxiety and stress, difficult circumstances and deprivation make a person resort to drugs to move away from the bitter reality even if it is in the imagination or temporary, andsobecomingan addict to it.

Talking about the pain caused by drugs manifests itself in its finest form when the dosage approaches and theaddict becomes a predator monster who wants to kill, steal and get out of control to get it.

Drugs cause a person to lose appetite , general weakness in the body structure, and cause an imbalance inconcentration leading to serious and chronic diseases such as cancer and AIDS; besides the possibility of schizophrenia , many have lost their lives due to drug use.

So when we come across such people we need to help them tosearch for treatment by:

  • Detoxification (the process by which the body is purified from drugs).

  • Behavioral counseling.

  • Medicines.

  • Assessment and treatment of common mental health symptoms that occur such as depression and anxiety.

  • Follow up the patient to prevent long-term relapse.

  • There can be a range of care programs with a treatment program that are designed specifically for critical follow-up to treatment success.

  • Treatment for addiction should include both medical and mental health services as needed.

  • Follow-up care may include community and family recovery support systems.



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