Daily Archives: Tuesday November 19th, 2019

A New Strategic Project to Link Iran, Iraq and Syria

Syrian media recently revealed a strategic report drafted by Syrian Ministry of Transport that included a plan to link Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi coasts with other Asian states.The report indicated that the strategic project will be funded by Iran and it will connect Al-Khomeini port on the Persian coast on the Gulf with Lattakia Port on the Mediterranean via connecting the ...

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A Serious Loophole Turns Smart Home Aids into Spies

SRLabs, a company specialized in information security, has revealed a serious programming gap that can turn Google and Amazon’s smart home assistants into user-spying tools. Experts in the company indicated that the gap detected in Amazon Echo and Google Home devices software would enable internet hackers to download dangerous software into these devices and make them function as microphones that ...

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The Euphrates Island returned

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi   Yes, the island of Euphrates returned to the bosom of the homeland ..it returned so that everyone will know – just like we know – that Assad is an effective man if he said something he will do it…and he promised that he would not leave an inch of the homeland occupied by terrorists…it is ...

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