A Serious Loophole Turns Smart Home Aids into Spies

SRLabs, a company specialized in information security, has revealed a serious programming gap that can turn Google and Amazon’s smart home assistants into user-spying tools.

Experts in the company indicated that the gap detected in Amazon Echo and Google Home devices software would enable internet hackers to download dangerous software into these devices and make them function as microphones that record users’ talk.

Hackers can also, according to experts, use this gap to get the data that users of these home aids are looking for, and to access the passwords of those devices. Experts have shown in videos how those devices can be hacked to keep recording the user’s voice long after receiving the voice commands.

A newspaper investigation done by Bloomberg indicated that Echo home assistants collect a huge number of users’ messages and voice records on a daily basis and send them to Amazon’s data centers.

After receiving these data, Amazon’s employees listen to these records, which might contain private conversations of users, in order to decipher their voices, analyze them electronically and incorporate them in special electronic algorithm in order to improve Alexa’s voice assistant which has been adopted in millions of computer and electronic devices.

Source: Agencies.



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