A New Strategic Project to Link Iran, Iraq and Syria

Syrian media recently revealed a strategic report drafted by Syrian Ministry of Transport that included a plan to link Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi coasts with other Asian states.The report indicated that the strategic project will be funded by Iran and it will connect Al-Khomeini port on the Persian coast on the Gulf with Lattakia Port on the Mediterranean via connecting the Iranian city of Shalamcheh to the Iraqi city of Basra.

The 32 kilometer project will beexecuted and funded by Iran and will be completed by linking Shalamcheh city to Al-Khomeini port, and Basra to Lattakia.

The report showed that the 142.8 kilometer railways connecting the cities of Deir Ezzor and Al-Bokamal is under construction with global state-of-the-art standards in terms of speed and infrastructure.

It further pointed out that it will constitute part of the international transport line to the west and east of Syrian ports by linking Aleppo city to Iraq, Iran, outreaching to countries in eastern Asia , and will also a constitute a transit strategic corridor for Syria and Iraq.




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