The Euphrates Island returned

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi


Yes, the island of Euphrates returned to the bosom of the homeland returned so that everyone will know – just like we know – that Assad is an effective man if he said something he will do it…and he promised that he would not leave an inch of the homeland occupied by terrorists…it is impossible to portray the joy of people cheering for the homeland ,the army and the President, forgetting their pain for eight years, forgetting their grief at home and abroad.

Their voices were loud cursing those who betrayed the homeland ; the dogs of dollars who became mice fleeing from confronting the people they betrayed.

People forgotten everything…everything …they are full of joy now as they returned to the blossom of the homeland…their sad black days are over…

Their fear has ended…they are all down the streets chanting and crying…expressing their joy and sharing happiness…no director in the entire world can make a scene like that…

They are now between two opinions when they think about those who betrayed them, some of them say: betrayers will be held accountable, while others say we will leave them to time… What is important for the patriots is the return of the Euphrates island to the lap of the homeland.

Before ending this article, there must be a word to the terrorists who still hold Satan’s hope for paradise; Isn’t it the right time the Syrians among your classes to surrender, and the foreign mercenaries to be expelled? Don’t forget; fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.



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