The hell that follows the Syrian women

Wars have been a field for the most tragic trade in human history, atradethatleft a stigma on the forefront of the third millennium whichis witnessing the most severe violations of human rights, and at various levels, and perhaps the wars in the Middle East is a good example, and an irrefutable evidence; where the Syrian war is the biggest witness to the issue of human trafficking in all its fields internally and externally.

The sexual exploitation of women was called under several names such as the marriage of interest, either by the parents themselves, or by others.

In addition to being trafficked through international networks, working in displaced Syrian circles, with the aim of inflicting as many minors as possible from Syrian refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, there are hundreds of Syrian refugee women in Jordan affected by this trade, using them for the purposes of sex for money, Or under the guise of a temporary marriage that lasts a few days, or even hours in exchange for attractive dowries for them. alsowecannot forget the exploitation of Syrian women and girls in these countries to work as maids for a low wage that hardly meets hunger or health care.

How long will international organizations remain absent from these crimes directed against human security and the international system, and against the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals closely linked to the economy, which is a factor, objective and consequence.



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