The world goes back to Assad from Idlib…about the Syrian leader and the Turkish thief

It was noticeable how some of the international media began to abandon those harsh vocabulary of inhuman titles and descriptions that it used to describe President Assad with, and came back to their senses and acquiesced to the fact that they are talking about the Syrian President and the Syrian leader, not only that; but it also started copying what he says about Erdogan of being a thief.

In the past, the Western media ignored what any Syrian official, especially President Assad, said, and if this media reported anything, it turns it into a platform to attack and ridicule Assad or to convince the reader that Assad was separated from reality.But events have made Assad in the eyes of the Western media a Syrian “leader” and not a dictator who the Western media is entertained by telling fairy tales about him and his cruelty and bloodiness …The reality is imposed by victories.

The victor is the one who dictates the titles, words and descriptions…We are talking and the world will write our words because we’re winning.Even the media cannot deny the truth forever and cannot continue to lie when the facts are unfold.

While Erdogan, who stoleeverything even the role of the championship ..

He was taking the words of the heroes and the resistance as the actor wears his theatrical clothes without changing his heart and mind .. Nothing links him to what he says except his clothes and the time of the play …The hero has become a source of contempt for the world ..

The thief has become exposed and despised in the whole world and his ugly descriptions are circulating even in the media of his friends and his Western masters…Because the world does not have any fear of the vanquished ..

The global media does not concern us  at all because it is a colorful, metamorphosis, hypocritical and liar media…But it reflects the balance of power.

It is the media of the powerful…and the powerful must be feared…The strong is the one that can twist the media’s horns and  obligeit to abide to his limits and acquiesce and retreat…and to acknowledge and admit the facts that it ignored and tried to assassinate and falsify …We have done this, and we have forced this hypocritical media to admit that it was dealing with a Syrian leader, and a Turkish thief.



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