A US drone strikes a missile on a camp for displaced people in Qah town of Idlib northern countryside

According to a source in the Syrian military department,

An American drone strikes a missile at a displaced persons’ camp in Kah, forty kilometres north of Idlib. According to preliminary data, dozens of people were injured, six more people died, including women and children:

  1. Hassan Diab’s wife

  2. Daughter of Hassan Diab

  3. Abdo Abdel Fattah 12 years old

  4. Zahra Abdel Sattar Kantar 40 years old

  5. Hamida Khaleda 43 years old

6 Nuria Kaddour is 50 years old.

In an attempt to conceal its crime, the U.S. side is using its propagandists and the opposition to pass off a drone strike as a drone strike by Iranian militia, and photos of dubious content are published, the opposition website eldorar.org (link to the article: https://eldorar.org/node/144008), which has repeatedly tried to attribute some crimes to the Syrian government and the Russian armed forces. At the same time, he praised and supported the opposition circles.

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