Education is The Solution for All Our Problems

Students in Japan attend forty-eight school hours per week on average, and the students in France have different numbers of school hours in each stage of education; as high school students attend fifteen hours per week, secondary school students attend forty hours per week, and primary school student attends thirty.

All of them go to school and come back by cars after doing their assignments at their schools, and have no more old-fashioned homework. Moreover, teachers at these schools are chosen from the elite of the holders of the Master’s degrees or higher credentials and they are given a fifteen-day-break after every two-month of attendance.

As for their school curricula, they are mainly based on concepts of respect for the self and for the other and focus on teaching the national history, patriotism, and the glories of national men and women. All other subjects are purely scientific to which a new subject was added in 2019 in many countries including Japan, which is: Ethics.

The subject that we used to teach in Syria before the teaching of Islamic Education books which have nowadays become a past. In each scientific subject, they study its history, present and what it could be in the future. If we view all subjects through their future perspective, we will get a full conviction that the future theirs, and he who controls the future controls the life. Therefore, shall we believe in the idea of intensifying our weekly study programs, and adapt ourselves to the weekly system of working?

Shall we reconsider our education cadres’ selection, and chose our teachers from the highest intellectual class as teachers and pay them enough?

Shall we reconsider our curricula and omit what has been outdated?

Shall we relief our student from homework?

Shall we give our students a fifteen-day-break every two-month- attendance and take them to visit our governorates within studied programs?

There must be a reconsideration of the individuals’ intellect and behavior manufacturing institutions under the so called “education process” to be able to cope with the present and have command over the future.

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi – Damascus



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