Information from around the world

1)People in Russia use perfumes more than any other people.

2)The Japanese never sleep while their beds directed north because this is the direction of the dead in their graves. !

3)The first to divide the week into seven days is the Babylonians!

4)The vague lines of doctors cause the death of nearly 7000 patients every year!

5)The rates of anxiety faced by secondary students at the present time is equal to the rate of anxiety found in psychiatric patients in the fifties of the last century, because of the sterility of the educational system and its wrong decisions! .

6)Queen ants live to the age of 30 years, the working ant live from one to three years, while male ants live only for weeks!

7)The recent tsunami that hit Japan was so strong that it affected the Earth’s rotation and each day became shorter by 0.0000018 seconds!.

8)Drinking water while standing leads to the prolapse of the stomach, which in future causes indigestion. !

9)Answer your phone with the left ear, because you affect the brain directly if you answer the right ear.!

10)Did you know that Newton is of Arab origins.

11)Did you know that crying relieves pain.

12)Did you know that people who laugh the are the ones that worry the most.

13) Did you know that tall people are more self-confident  than short ones.



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