Daily Archives: Sunday November 24th, 2019

The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries continue their aggression on northern Syria

In the area of the Syrian city of Ain Issa, where the coordination center of the Russian Armed Forces and Syrian Democratic Forces is located, fighting between Kurdish People’s Protection Units and the militants supported by the Turkish side broke out with renewed vigor. The situation is quite tense and clearly provocative. The Turkish side is actively using artillery and ...

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The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries renew aggression against the residential areas in northern Syria

The Turkish occupation forces and their sponsored mercenaries from terrorist organizations have renewed their attacks on residential areas in several locations in northern Syria in Raqqqa province. In the town of Kronfel, west of the town of Tall Abyad in the northern part of the province, five civilians, including children, were killed by an attacking drone. In addition, it has ...

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Three typical schools in Dummar District to improve the Educational Process

Terrorism in Damascus province destroyed a significant number of schools, and some schools in the province were less affected. However, all of this poses a huge number of educational challenges. Provincial authorities are taking active steps to address the difficulties associated with the lack of educational facilities and the significant destruction of facilities. Three new schools equipped with all the ...

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