The White Helmets founder, who was found dead near his residence in Turkey

James Le Mesurier, a British private security specialist and former UK military intelligence officer, was found dead near his residence in Istanbul, Turkey on November 11, 2019, media reports said. Turkish media said that authorities have immediately launched an investigation to establish the cause of the death, with reports describing it as an “accident” while others said he might have committed  suicide.

Preliminary forensic reports said he has sustained fractures and bruises in his legs and skull.

The news made headlines around the world, because this former UK intelligence officer was the founder of the “White Helmets”.

He founded it in Turkey in March 2013. Before that, he served as an intelligence officer and reportedly an officer of the elite Special British forces SAS  in several  theatres of conflict, including a stint in Pristina, Kosovo soon   after the NATO intervention in 1999.

In the 2000s, he went on to serve as vice president of special projects at the Olive Group, a private mercenary organisation which later merged with Blackwater-Academi into Constellis Holdings.

This former British Army officer was honoured by the Queen in 2016. He received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his work with the White Helmets.

In an interview he gave in  2014, Le Mesurier said that he spontaneously raised about $300,000 in initial funding from the UK, the US and other countries and trained 25 vetted operatives to create the White Helmets after witnessing what he described as ‘the suffering in Syria’, with the group soon accumulating over $150 million in cash after Western NGOs, Gulf countries, several European countries and Japan sent money and supplies to help the group.

The group continues to enjoy widespread publicity and support in Western countries, and is a UK-registered non-governmental organisation.

Asked in an another interview as how he has started the group, Le Mesurier said that he met some Turkish earthquake rescue  workers and discussed the issue with them, telling them that if they can rescue people from earthquakes, they can help in rescue efforts in war zones”!!! What a stunning admission! One has only to scratch the glossy “humanitarian” veneer to  easily notice that this statement is in fact an  explicit admission that the group was trained in Turkey and by Turkish specialists.

In other words, it was founded by a British officer, registered in the UK, funded by western powers and trained in Turkey.

How on earth could such a construct be called “Syrian”?  There is nothing Syrian in it, except that Syria was the target of its suspicious  operations.

Le Mesurier was the founder and chief executive of May Day Rescue, which founded and trained the White Helmets, also known as the “Syria Civil Defence”.

Three years ago, a Netflix production called ‘The White Helmets’ won an Academy Award for best short documentary.

A second film on the group, named ‘Last Men in Aleppo,’ was nominated for an Oscar in 2018.  It was also nominated for Noble several times, but did not get it.

The White Helmets group is known as the key source of  news about the alleged “chemical attacks”, which later proved to be false or faked.

Its reports and videos, however, were  often  given a lot of publicity in Western media and been taken as an alibi by Western powers to launch acts of aggression against Syria and/or to tighten sanctions on her.

So, how can somebody like this be concerned with “humanitarian” matters, as  mainstream media claim and what has he to do with “rescue” efforts in Syria ?

At a press briefing on November 8, the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova demanded some explanations from London about his suspicious links:

“Moreover, a number of researchers (I repeat, this is not about Russian analytics, but about foreign ones) indicate the presence of J. Le Mesurier with terrorist organizations during his time in Kosovo, where, according to some sources, his team included members “Al Qaeda.” We would very much like to hear an explanation of these facts from London.

He is the founder of a Danish NGO, Mayday Rescue, sponsored by the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Qatar, the Netherlands and the United States. Officially, this structure is engaged, as stated, “in protecting civilians during conflicts and natural disasters,” but in fact participated in the preparation and financing of the “White Helmets” and now provides outreach support for their activities in the Western media, she said.

In addition to participating in the Syrian conflict, Mayday Rescue has noted projects in Somalia and Lebanon (about Lebanon and what is happening there I was told), where, under the guise of creating a network of volunteer rescuers, it supported local anti-government forces and organizations.

“White helmets” were involved in a number of Latin American countries in carrying out massive informational aggression against legitimate authorities,” she added. The quotation ends here, but the story of the White Helmets goes further.

Besides its  notorious reputation as a brutal outfit with photos of its members treading on the dead bodies of  Syrian soldiers, the White Helmets propagate  itself as “Syria Civil Defence”. In itself, this is a sort of imposter. First because it is not registered in Syria and has no license to function in any of the Syrian territories. Second it was not founded in Syria nor by Syrians.

It was founded by foreigners outside the country and it does not work for Syria.

It works against Syria. More  importantly, there are already exisiting Syrian Civil Defense Brigades  who have been functioning and performing rescue efforts  throughout the country for decades now.

So, by claiming the name of an existing organization, the White Helmets were in fact trying to usurp the status of a  real functioning Syrian body in what looks like an attempt  to create  alternative bodies to replace the official state institutions and structures and sit in their place.

This is very serious, because it means that they want to gradually dismantle the institutional structure of the Syrian state.

Hence, it was no coincidence that this dubious group was founded in the years 2013-2014 when the war on Syria was at its peak.

It is worthy noting that in 2018 Israel  has evacuated  hundreds of the White Helmets members from the southern areas when the Syrian Arab Army was advancing to liberate these territories from terrorists.

However, the ambiguous death of James Le Mesurier, whether it was a suicide, a murder,  a “liquidation” or  just  an “accident”, as media prefer to call it, the incident is a stark reminder of an equally mysterious death.

It is that  of former Mossad  agent Robert Maxwell whose body was found floating in the Atlantic miles away from his Yacht in 1991.

Back then, media said that he has committed  suicide, but there are doubts about the story that have not been cleared  till now.

Anyway, it might be equally significant to note that the Turkish authorities  have barred Le Mesurier’s Swedish wife Emma Winberg  from leaving Turkey until the investigation is fully completed.

According to some Media  reports, Emma Winberg has links to  the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

In her biography, she introduces herself as Strategy Director of Mayday Rescue  and admits  having links to FCO, as she states: “I have been working in the Middle East and South Asia for the past ten years, first as a member of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and subsequently in the fields of strategic communications and community resilience.

I am fluent in English, Swedish and Arabic.”  She also stated that her  “background is in security, stabilisation and peace building in states that we are entering, enduring and emerging from conflict.

My postings have been in Kabul, Damascus, East Jerusalem, Istanbul and Erbil with shorter postings in Yemen and East Africa.”

In her testimony to police, she has reportedly said that her husband was lately taking medications because he was suffering from “extreme stress”.

On the night of his death, she reportedly said that both of them took sleeping pills at around 4:00 a.m. and she woke only an hour later when police were  knocking at the door as her husband’s body was found lying in the street.

There are some slight variations in the media reports about this testimony. Anyhow, and regardless of  what the investigation might finally come to,  there  are indications that the  remaining  members of the White Helmets would be evacuated from  Idleb, the last place they have a presence in.

It is not known yet whereto they will be taken. They might be re-cycled into another outfit with a different brand name and for a different task in a different place around the world. Who knows ?

The source: The piece above was compiled from many media sources, including Sputnik, the Daily Mail, the BBC and others, including Emma Winberg Biography on the Net.

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