The governorate of Damascus exerts efforts to raise the standard of living and accelerate the reconstruction process.

The Damascus Provincial Government is actively working to improve living standards, rebuild destroyed infrastructure and provide jobs. One of the important projects for the country is the joint work of the Syrian Reconstruction Committee and the Damascus Provincial Administration.

According to the agreement, the Syrian Reconstruction Committee selects projects that contribute to the development of the country’s economy and the region, and assists in their implementation.

One such project is the Refaat Fahreddin Hanavi enterprise, which grows and sells mushrooms.

To realize his dream, Refaat Hanavi completed a course in the Agricultural Chamber of Damascus and then applied for a loan to buy the necessary equipment and rent premises. At the beginning of his journey, the young entrepreneur had 20 square metres to grow mushrooms, and now this figure has increased to 70 square metres, each of which brings up to 25 kg of mushrooms to its owner.

To date, the committee has provided about 200 loans for a number of segments and specific projects, such as mushroom growing, handicrafts, construction and restoration.

The Committee seeks to increase the value of the loan, as the amount provided in the current circumstances is very small, and more than one proposal has been made to increase it.

Each loan provided is in essence a significant step in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure. State programmes, along with the efforts of local authorities, are gradually beginning to bear fruit and contribute to the dynamic development of the region and the State as a whole.

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