The USA uses its terrorists in Al-Tanf area to prevent the stability of Syria

The U.S. military drawdown in Syria, which Trump and the Pentagon have repeatedly stated recently, does not concern the Al-Tanf zone on the border with Jordan.

The fight against ISIS, which the United States has been hiding behind, has long been over, and all the tension in the area is mainly limited to the activities of the Americans themselves. It is through this zone that groups of militants are infiltrating Suwaida, East Homs and the southern part of the province of Deir-ez-Zor, including those recruited in the Ruqban camp, which is controlled by United States-controlled militants.

In addition, the U.S. is using the occupied Syrian territory to reduce Iran’s influence in the region by disrupting the flow of supplies through the al-Qaim-Abu Kemal area.

Thus, the withdrawal of the U.S. military contingent from Et-Tanfa is not expected in the near future. Under any pretext, the American side is ready to justify its presence in the region in order to prevent the strengthening of stability in Syria.

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