Warning to students .. This is what energy drinks do to the body

In many countries, teens are increasingly using energy drinks in an effort to increase concentration and get rid of fatigue.

According to a study conducted in South Korea, (50.6) percent of high school students who consumed energy drinks confirmed that they suffered from side effects such as insomnia and tachycardia.The study, conducted by researcher at the University of Kamyeong, Oh Yeon Jung, (245) students in high school, and 79.5 percent of the respondents confirmed that they consumed energy drinks. Some students are keen to drink energy drinks, to eliminate the fatigue caused by concentration in classes, especially since the school system in the Asian country requires long hours in the classroom.The results show that women are more prone to energy drinks, according to the ChosunIlbo newspaper.

Researcher at Gashun University, Seo-hee San, attributes these health disorders to incomplete brain development in young people, and weight is lighter than adults.This makes the juvenile’s body more affected, he says, when he receives heavily-consumed caffeine in an energy drink and then becomes more likely to become addicted to it. The researcher added that this drink works to rest the pupil, for a short time, but soon return to fatigue, which means that the search for energy in the famous “containers” is not a solution.

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