Turkey is blocking the political solution

What Turkey is doing in northern Syria through the expansion of Turkish observation posts, the supply of equipment and ammunition to terrorists and their formation confirms that Turkey is deliberately obstructing a political solution and is rolling back to the stage of a military solution that Syria and its allies have deliberately left as a last resort to preserve the blood of Syrians living in areas controlled by terrorist groups.
The essence of the aggression against Syria is that returning Idlib to Syrian control would have dramatic consequences for them in many areas of the Middle East.
The violations committed by armed groups in de-escalation areas and the violation of the truce resolution, which have been committed on numerous occasions, are attempts to derail the political solution as any meetings on the situation in Syria approach, naturally in close connection with the close relationship between those groups and the Turkish guarantor.
With the advancement of the Syrian Arab army in several areas, terrorist groups are confronting it with increasing attacks on civilians.
In the north-western part of Ladhiqiyah, this is due to the fear of terrorist groups losing control of the areas that are the hub of communication with Idlib province, which are still under their control. Especially after the massive losses they have suffered, whether as a result of defeat by the Syrian Arab army or as a result of inter-group conflicts.
Indeed, Turkish policy is committed to maintaining several terrorist groups … publicly demonstrating its support for terrorist groups, proving their political legitimacy. They have paved the way for them by setting up observation posts, which are the headquarters of the groups to carry out attacks against the Syrian army.
According to news reports, the Syrian Government’s army has in the past few days engaged in violent clashes with terrorist groups from DaN and allied groups in the south-eastern part of Idlib province, as a result of which control over the village of Mesherfa has been restored. The Agency also reported that the clashes had also resulted in the elimination of a number of fighters and the destruction of their weapons and military equipment, while the rest of the fighters fled to the eighth Turkish observation post, which is also their headquarters.
A little earlier, after the Syrian army took control of the city of Murek, terrorist groups still remain in Turkey’s ninth NPO. Eyewitnesses working near the walls of the Turkish garbage dump site saw people armed with AK rifles and learned from their conversation stylistics that they were from Hama province. They receive support from the Turkish army and are permanently stationed in nine NPs, thanks to the approval of Erdoğan’s “regime”. Most of the HTSH and other “tachyberry” (infidel) terrorist organizations are militants.
Militant groups continue their attacks on Syrian army positions, while chaos and confusion have increased in their controlled areas.
With regard to the tenth Turkish post … the terrorist groups stationed at the tenth Turkish post launched rocket attacks on 22 November against Syrian army positions, as well as several villages, which caused fires on agricultural land …
Only material damage has been caused … Such strikes are repeated daily. Militants use a ban on strikes by the Syrian army on the security zone around the Turkish posts. This is what prevents government forces from striking at the source of the missiles.

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