Daily Archives: Sunday December 1st, 2019

US continues to exploit Rukban refugee camp for political purposes

On Friday (29) November, a convoy of buses escorted by the Russian military police arrived at one of the checkpoints near the (55)-kilometre At-Thanf zone. It was planned to carry out the removal of refugees from the Rukban camp as part of the earlier agreements between Russia, Syria and the UN. However, the U.S. side once again began to obstruct ...

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The myths of Semite migrations – Part I

( Eng. Nikola Fayyad ) We often encounter the common terms of Semitism, Semites, non-Semites and/or anti-Semitism. But wherefrom had these terms originated? And who has/have coined this terminoglogy ? The word “Semitism” was introduced for the first time in a historical research conducted by a team of  students at the Geschichtswissenschaft University in Goettingen, Germany, in 1773, the very ...

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“A region of Gold ” will make a new start in Syria

Major strategic achievements are taking place in Syria with the return of large areas of the geography of the so-called “East of the Euphrates” to the territory of the Syrian state, this return is by any measure qualitative achievements that will establish major strategic changes in the future in Syria at political, economic and social levels. We will not go ...

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