Daily Archives: Monday December 2nd, 2019

The Russian Reconciliation Center distributes humanitarian aid to the people of Alqaniyah village in the governorate of Daraa

On 1 December, the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Battling Parties and Monitoring of Refugee Movement in Syria held a humanitarian action for local residents in the village of El-Kunniya, Dar’a province. Food packages containing flour, sugar, rice, condensed milk and tea were distributed to those in need. In parallel with the food supply, more than 70 local residents ...

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The myths of Semite migrations – ( Part II )

( Eng. Nikola Fayyad ) According to the findings of a study by Chicago University, the  early human settlement of Jarmo continued to exist up to the year 4950 B.C. It is not attributed to any specific nation, race, or any other known civilization. The inhabitants grew wheat, barely, cereals and grains. They have had  various herds of live-stock, cows, ...

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