The myths of Semite migrations – ( Part II )

( Eng. Nikola Fayyad )

According to the findings of a study by Chicago University, the  early human settlement of Jarmo continued to exist up to the year 4950 B.C. It is not attributed to any specific nation, race, or any other known civilization.

The inhabitants grew wheat, barely, cereals and grains. They have had  various herds of live-stock, cows, pigs, dogs, and chicken and they used to celebrate the advent of Spring season, when  warmth returns, flowers begin to blossom and the land begins to put forth  its rich yields  and seasonal corps.

The recent antiquities show that the tribes that were in command of Jarmo were  worshipping a “god” they called “Ashur”.

This “god” has later became the God of gods for the Assyrians. Some historians say that Jarmo’s 15th ruler “Ashbia”  had built a temple for the worship of this god: I am the King, Ashboia.

I have built this altar and dedicated it to the god Ashir. As early as 4750 B.C., they started to celebrate their New Year, according to their calendar.

What we  have managed to confirm here at Firil Studies Centre is that the Assyrians  came to existence much earlier than Torah-based history books claim.

When in doubt, we  check and cross-reference our  information on the basis of scientific facts, first and foremost. Such data  show that the Assyrians  were living in Mesopotamia much earlier that than the alleged “Semite migrations”.

Mankind inhabited  Mesopotamia and Syria tens of thousands of years  before this alleged history.

Antiquities  show that  mankind (Homo Sapiens) inhabited Syria about 100  thousand years  ago. This, of course, does not match any religious narrative. But this is not our issue now.

The question to be posed: These  historical accounts, which are scientifically confirmed and are proven by means of the archaeological  finds, totally and absolutely disprove the so-called “Semite migrations” theories. Do supporters of these alleged  migrations have even a single scientific evidence supporting their claims?

But that is not all. There is a worse and more unfounded  theory going into circulation: Once the Semite story was debunked as a purely Torah-based  myth, some history researchers decided to refute this “Semite migration” myth.

To do so, they adopted what they believed to be a “smart way”  but in fact, they took a  worse  course than that  set by the  would-be refuted theory.

Instead of “Semite migrations”, they coined the term “Arab migrations”. They attributed  every this to Arabs. According to this clumsy theory being promoted by a revered “historian:, Noah was an Arab.

Shem spoke Arabic and his Arab  folk were  there thousands of years before his own birth. According to them, Aram, son of Shem, did not speak Aramaic, but  rather Arabic. And he was a true  ethnic Arab.

This “great”  historian  goes on to claim: “We lately found that what called as ancient Greek, the language of the Greek civilization and another language that was the language of Italy, were in fact  old Arabic”!!!

“We do assert that all  antiquities and archaeological  sites still standing in our countries  are purely Arab relics.

We also assert that Shem and all of  his sons and grandsons (descendants) are a branch of Arabs who have dwelled in the heart of the Arabia Peninsula,”  he  maintains. His “theory” is too long to relate.

So, to keep it short, we sum it up with this conclusion he came up with: “ Thus, we  see the unity of this great  heritage, which is the oldest on the face of the earth.

It is enough for any one of us to study this rich heritage with reason, depending on the Arabic language, which accompanies  mankind since the earliest human settlements up to the present day.

There was an uninterrupted  continued  historical  course. The Arabic  language survived all these centuries in its two main dialects: the classical Arabic and the Syriac.

In its writings (scriptures), which are the oldest, we see an immortal record of the history of mankind on  this planet.” !!!   Really ??? So, according to him, the Syriac is a dialect of Arabic !!!

If we were to take such a fable theory, all  international and historical theories and archaeological  discoveries would be  dumped and put aside.

Why? Simply because this “esteemed” historian and  the likes of him,  have  found what  thousands of  historians and scientific  researchers  could  not  find!!

He claims that all relics, languages, civilizations and peoples are Arab. And he claims that Arabic if the mother of all languages.

But  let him and any of the supporters of such a theory present a book, a manuscript or a clay tablet written in Arabic, before the Holy Koran.

The rhetoric about Semite migrations from the Arabia Peninsula is  sheer nonsense invented by certain orientalists. Scientific  studies today  show that these  theories can not stand the test of  historical  facts.

As  the term “Semite” was coined,  some Jewish theologians rushed to embrace this mythical  theory and took upon themselves the task of re-writing the history of ancient Middle East, with a special focus of the Arab-Islamic history.

By doing so, they highlighted what they termed as “Hebrews” and belittled the history of Arabs and Muslims.

Unfortunately, the Arabs  have endorsed these  terms and historical accounts, on the basis of which a lot of books and volumes were authored and are being incorporated into the text  books, without realizing that this was a trap  set for them.

On the other hand, some other historians rejected half of the orientalists  narrative and  attributed  everything to Arabs.

In fact, both are false. History accounts need to be  revised and corrected on the  basis of scientific  studies, archaeological  findings, manuscripts, and antiquities.

History should not be  taught as a fairy tale.

Authored by Eng. Nikola Fayyad, Germany, of the Editorial Desk at Firil Studies Centre founded by Dr. ( Jameel Shahin ) and translated into English for ( Syrianfacts )

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