Daily Archives: Tuesday December 3rd, 2019

The US continues distorting the image of the Syrian government and its allies

The fight against terrorism in Syria is still ongoing, but the day is drawing near when all hostilities will cease. Russia has made an invaluable contribution to the fight against international terrorism in the Syrian Arab Republic. Currently, the U.S. and its accomplices are actively engaged in activities aimed at discrediting the actions of the Russian Federation. On Sunday, December ...

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The Theft of Gas and Oil in Eastern Euphrates (Part 2)

The importance of oil in the Syrian Jazira : the separatists and Washington behind them try to make a big deal out of the reserve and the production of the Syrian Jazira fields. The purpose is clear; it is to show that they possess the major part and they want to compromise. However, this is not true because Rmelan and ...

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Innovating Metal Does not sink into Water

Researchers from the American University of Rochester in cooperation with their Chinese colleagues have created a new way to treat the metals’ surface. This new way gives them utmost characteristics including their hatred of water. According to (ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces) magazine, the ultra-short pulsed laser treated minerals will never sink into water even when holes or other damages are ...

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