Innovating Metal Does not sink into Water

Researchers from the American University of Rochester in cooperation with their Chinese colleagues have created a new way to treat the metals’ surface. This new way gives them utmost characteristics including their hatred of water.

According to (ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces) magazine, the ultra-short pulsed laser treated minerals will never sink into water even when holes or other damages are caused.

After treating the metal with laser, microscopic and nanoparticles that are able to pull the air and keep it, occur on the surface of the metal.

When the metal is submerged in water, an air bubble is formed and it pushes it up to float on the surface of the water even if it was perforated or damaged.

According to the scientists, this innovation can be used in manufacturing equipment and mechanics that float on the surface of the water such as the vessels that will not sink even if it were damaged, electronic measuring devices and others.

Moreover, the scientists indicate that the major problem that confronts them is that the majority of metals lose this characteristic with the passage of time.

However, the scientists have overcome this problem using two Aluminum plates model; the internal surface of them is treated in this way and between them an air bubble (enclosed water-resistant area) is formed by the power of surface tension.

Moreover, the model did not lose its characteristics even after being submerged underwater for two months under weights.

Source: (Novosti)

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