The US continues distorting the image of the Syrian government and its allies

The fight against terrorism in Syria is still ongoing, but the day is drawing near when all hostilities will cease. Russia has made an invaluable contribution to the fight against international terrorism in the Syrian Arab Republic. Currently, the U.S. and its accomplices are actively engaged in activities aimed at discrediting the actions of the Russian Federation.

On Sunday, December 1, the respected American newspaper New York Times published an article in which it is said that they conducted an investigation, the results of which prove the involvement of Russian aviation in the bombing of the camp for displaced persons.

Many news agencies have already commented on this work, calling it not the strongest journalistic work. At the same time, the White Helmets organization provided enormous “assistance” in the investigation. It is these people who are at the forefront of the investigation where the dirty game of the United States begins. White Helmets once again demonstrated to the world that their true purpose is to destabilize the situation in Syria and fulfill the political orders of their masters in the person of the United States.

A representative of the Russian military department, Igor Konashenkov, has already explained the article of the New York Times, saying that many of the facts stated in the article are just fantasies of the author of the article.

In fact, such behavior of the American newspaper is not special. William Bloom, an expert in the field of U.S. foreign policy, has already described such cases in his book “Killing Democracy”. This only shows that the U.S., trying to stay in the region, seeks to slander the government of Syria and its allies, in order to then bring its “democracy” here.



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