The Theft of Gas and Oil in Eastern Euphrates (Part 3)

Facts on Syrian Oil and Gas :

  • In 2013, the Syrian government has concluded a contract with the Russian Soyuz Nafta Gas Company for oil and gas exploration in the marine Block No. 2. The company started its exploration work after months of signing the contract. The exploration operations include an area of 2190 square kilometers. The contract is for a period of 25 years and the financing is Russian. This is the first of its kind to explore for oil and gas in Syrian water. The cost of exploration and drilling is $100 million to be deducted from future product. The company gets 20% and Syria gets 75%.

  • As a glimpse about ​​the gas reserves in Syria, which is certainly and officially recognized and may increase, because the exploration operations are still in their beginnings: the gas reserves (only) in the north of the Damascus Governorate is “initially” estimated at (20) billion cubic meters. The reserve of Sadad field east of Homs (alone) is about (15.7) billion cubic meters, and produces (1.1) million cubic meters daily. While the fields of Sadad, North of Fayad 7, Sadad 7, Abu Rabah 13, Abu Rabah 14, Qomqom 3, and Qomqom 4 produce more than 1.5 million cubic meters. According to the Syrian Petroleum Ministry.

  • The production of the Syrian peninsula oil fields is surely the highest. The Omar field east of Deir Ezzor is the most productive and reserves after the Jazeera fields, that is why the United States kept its soldiers there to secure its theft with the separatists. But it must be borne in mind that the discovered fields have not yet been fully exploited.

  • According to the US Energy Consulting Group and the Oil and Gas Group, the Syrian oil reserves in the Mediterranean shores are 2.5 billion barrels, while the proven gas reserves are 9.5 trillion cubic feet in 2014. Understanding that the estimates of the two American groups before 2006 were only (2) trillion, which suddenly rose and stopped at (2014)!

  • In the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian triangle, there is a shale field that contains large quantities of oil and gas, that is why the United States maintains its soldiers at Altnf base.

  • The Syrian government commissioned the exploration and extraction works to Russian, Chinese, Iranian companies and a Venezuelan and Malaysian company.

It is part of the policy of heading east after the imposition of the Western sanctions, noting that the European Union was the largest importer of the Syrian petroleum exports.

This disturbed Europe and the United States because of the exclusion of their companies from this arrangement.

This is why we see an American insistence on the occupation and looting to impose its  conditions

The solution and the expectations of the Firil Center For Studies: US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said: “The United States will retain control of the oil fields in northeastern Syria, to prevent ISIS from accessing these vital resources and we will respond with overwhelming force against any group that threatens the safety of our troops there, including Russian and Syrian forces”.

The United States wants its share of the Syrian oil and gas in a rude looting way, and this is not new.

The demagogic statements of Trump and his group are to raise the ceiling of demands, improve the negotiation terms, and keep US followers of separatists overseeing the armed robbery and taking  their share of the loot.

By occupying the oil resources east of the Euphrates, the United States is blackmailing Syria politically to impose its conditions in the next political settlement. One of these is to give the separatists a part of the wealth rich land, as if they were holding the strongest  card.

The United States has  always sought  to mix  the cards and get things back to zero, and the main goal is always to get “a fragmented, disjointed Syria with a weak State.” That is why the only useful method with Washington is force … Force Only. )

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