Europe wants to return to “the bosom of the homeland” .. Robert Fisk mocks the West

By : ( Naram Sargon )

One of the indicators of the end of the wars is to allow the emergence of confessions .. We have noticed moderate articles and objective analyzes that are allowed to spread through the Western media and websites about Syria after it was prohibited to talk about Syria except as a country of massacres and civil wars ..

It has been impossible for years to read fair articles about Syria and its war; except some few small articles here or there.

This was an indication that the war was at its most intense state. It was inconceivable that the Western media machine supports the project of change and the Arab Spring and the Brotherhood movements and then allows the infiltration of truth from any cracks or breaks in the media body.

As truth has the scent of musk and million rose; no matter how small this scent is it will spread and cover the smell of trash and corrals ..

Therefore, there was a taboo in the Western media that prohibits the publication of any real material about Syria, no matter how small.

When the battle revealed the recent Syrian victory, the West started a policy of conciliatory reconciliation and preparation for the next stage.

The steps of Western positioning went through stages, and the Syrian revolutionaries’ extremism, barbarism and infiltration by the Islamists began to be recognized.

After that, it became permissible to convey the views of the Syrian government. Then there became courtship to Damascus through messages about normal life in cities under the auspices of the Syrian government.

Today, Assad is referred to as the Syrian president and leader. These articles prepare the Western public opinion for a change in political attitudes and a return to the “lap of the homeland” as a metaphor we borrow from the terminology of the Syrian war that invented this term to mitigate the impact of the return of dissent and repentant.

Europe that intends to declare repentance; will serve as an example of those who wish to return to the lap of the homeland, where talks about the possibility of returning ambassadors of some countries ..

In the article “Robert Fisk” in the British Independent is a bit of irony and schadenfreude to the European positions on the Syrian war ..

The criticizing article of Europe is not without mockery of the positions of Europe, which Fisk reminds that the winner of World War II did not win the Vietnam War ..

And France, which emerged victorious in the World War also got out defeated from Algeria..

The same happened in the Syrian war, where the same mistakes and expectations were repeated..

Fisk says that we continue to insist that the regime should leave and that we will prosecute Syrian war criminals.

But the truth is that it was Assad who emerged victorious from the rubble of this war and its bloody currents, and with some irony Fisk reminds the Europeans of their positions when the so-called Free Syrian Army emerged.

Iran would have been stripped of its only Arab ally, Syria. Fisk asks how this free army has quickly turned into a terrible killing machine after it quickly turned to al-Nusra and ISIS.

Because the truth is that there has been no coup and that violent radical forces have been there from the beginning.

It appeared in Homs in early 2012 .. And the reader can almost hear the giggle of Fisk while recalling the complements of David Cameron about (70) thousand moderate fighters in the Free Syrian Army, although the truth revealed that the number of moderates in them did not exceed (7) thousand; which were contacted by the Syrian army to return them to their ranks or to make swaps and exchange of prisoners and detainees. Today, in the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, we use the term Syrian National Army, although it is the remnants of the wreck of the Free Army.

We use the term “Syrian Democratic Forces”, although they are not elected and nothing about them is democratic.

Fisk repeats: denial and then denial and denial is what we have heard from our Saudi friends about their role in feeding the Syrian war, although the weapons stores that I saw in Aleppo and left by al-Nusra Front  were from the stores of Bosnia and Herzegovina bought by Saudis.

These are some of the ideas that the Western reader is allowed to recognize and indicate that Europe has resolved its matter and is about to return to Syria ..

This round of conflict has been resolved in our favor as well ..

The Europeans should return to Damascus as they did before in the 1980s after a lot of stubbornness.

There is no point in denying what really happened in the Syrian war.

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