Edlib is a haven for the terrorists, gangsters and killers who are hiding behind Islam

A drone shot down over Hama’s airport proves that terrorist groups in Idlib province not only do not trust each other, but also scout each other’s positions using UAVs.

The situation in Idlib province has changed a lot lately.

Whereas previously terrorists from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Jebhat al-Nusra) and pro – Turkish militants from the Syrian National Army had only fired on civilians and government positions in the de-escalation zone, they have now turned to more decisive action.

At the end of November, the militants launched a major offensive in south-eastern Idlib province and managed to seize several villages. The Syrian Arab Army, with the support of the Russian APC, conducted a counter-offensive and was able to restore its former positions, but the situation remains unstable.

Despite the temporary tactical alliances that the militants have formed to attack the government troops, the confrontation between Nusra and SNA has not disappeared. Numerous clashes between militants of different factions make the relationship between the groups very hostile.

This distrust forces militants to keep an eye on each other, including through the use of drones, as evidenced by recent data.

For example, on the night of December 1, two UAVs raided a military airfield in Hama. One of the drones was shot down with anti-aircraft fire, the second one was on the reverse course before the payload was released.

Many Hama residents were watching the spectacular air defense fire that night. The most interesting thing, however, was the study of the UAV camera. According to preliminary data, the drone belonged to the Jebhat al-Nusra group.

The previous UAV flight he flew over the positions of the neighbouring Faylak al-Sham group of the Syrian National Army in Kafer Majdina was a memento. This is no coincidence of the Nusravs’ attention to SNA fighters.

The Jebhat al-Nusra terrorists have many questions about their temporary allies, not only because of ideological reasons, but also because of the supply of arms by Turkey, and mainly because of the low combat readiness of Feylak al-Sham fighters.

Cases have already been repeatedly observed when militants have withdrawn from their positions, leaving their fellow believers, so the Nusravs have to constantly monitor the positions of their allies. Naturally, such intelligence in turn is conducted by SNA militants.

All this shows once again that all this dumping of different kinds of militants in Idlib province is not like an army in any way, but a collection of terrorists, bandits, maraders and murderers of civilians, hiding behind pseudo-islam.

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