Between Erbakan and Erdogan

By : (Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi – Damascus)

Dr. Najmuddin Erbakan was the first to establish the Welfare Party in Turkey.

“Abdullah Gul” and Erdogan were working with him and both of Erbakan and Abdullah Gul were making advancement. However, Erdogan was the link and the coordinator between America and the Welfare Party and by virtue of his relationship with The Zionist Lobby, Erdogan made progress over both of Najmuddin and Erbakan and was appointed the practical director of Erbakan office.

He was so close to Zionism, serving Israel in secret and showing false glories in appearance in order to gain the support of the religious turkey rabbles.

Thus, he put many shows in that respect, which has earned him the love of the religious mobs, as Mr. Qutb calls them.

Then, he started conspiring on Erbakan, as Erbakan himself told me when I met him in King Faisal Center for Islamic Research and Studies where I was working and had the chance to ask him some questions while he was attending the awarding conference of King Faisal International Prize.

There, I was waiting for a long time with the guests for the Royal Procession and it was the third session with Erbakan.

I thought at the time that Erbakan was spiteful because Erdogan started to take the party leadership from him, until he succeeded in that and changed the party’s name.

When Erbakan passed away, Erdogan started to get rid of those who are still faithful to the one who is no more.

The turkey religious mobs who know nothing about politics elected Erdogan for his political plays to which they were the compassionate, but politically ignorant audience.

Then, his last failed-coup play provided him the opportunity to get rid of all who are Erbakan’s followers and not another one as he claimed.

He tried to keep no one of them in the army or in the senior positions of the state where they can influence people.

 Erdogan is still tracing the Welfare party’s dormant cells that are still frightening him until now.

These cells recognized his game; therefore, they went to hide under the Justice Party umbrella waiting for the right moment to topple the one who caused their master Erbakan a stroke.

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