Daily Archives: Saturday December 7th, 2019

Blatant media manipulation of public opinion and misinformation in its purest form regarding the situation in Syria

At around 3 p.m. on 2 December 2019, there were reports of a sports section shelling in the Syrian town of Tell Rif’at in the north-western province of Aleppo. The fire came from 120-millimetre mortars in the area controlled by pro-Turkish fighters from the so-called “Syrian National Army”, from the granary area on the southeastern outskirts of the village of ...

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Collapse and assassinations among the terrorist groups as a result of Syrian Arab army operations in Edlib

In connection with the recent events and the release of areas previously controlled by terrorist groups by the Syrian Arab army, Syrian army units continue their fight against terrorist organizations in the south-eastern part of Idlib province. As a result, the villages of Zarzur, Al-Sir and Umm al-Halahil and Mesherfa have been liberated. In the recent period, government army units ...

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After the truth

By : ( Terry Meyssan ) Over the past 20 years, Western media have had to face the economic competition that free improvised journalists publish online, followed by a barrage of protesters who refute the quality of that media information. This forced them to defend themselves by also publishing their articles for free on the Internet, noting that some of ...

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