Collapse and assassinations among the terrorist groups as a result of Syrian Arab army operations in Edlib

In connection with the recent events and the release of areas previously controlled by terrorist groups by the Syrian Arab army, Syrian army units continue their fight against terrorist organizations in the south-eastern part of Idlib province. As a result, the villages of Zarzur, Al-Sir and Umm al-Halahil and Mesherfa have been liberated.

In the recent period, government army units have been engaged in fierce fighting with the DAN terrorist organization.

Fighting resulted in the killing of militant groups, and the remainder of the retreating terrorists were targeted with a variety of weapons. Prior to the offensive, Syrian army units launched missile and artillery strikes against the positions of DAN-affiliated terrorist groups.

In addition, there are reports from news agencies of a major and complex operation in all parts of northern Syria. According to the conversations in the circles of the military Syrian Arab army and its supporting aviation, these areas will be cleared of the remnants of the terrorist groups, up to all the villages and areas where an open confrontation with the militants has already begun a few days earlier.

Confirmed sources claim that the lines of the gangs collapsed in an instant before the Syrian Arab army attacked. Some believe that this activity on the part of government forces was unexpected, but expected in the results. According to the Syrian Arab army, these actions are inevitable and necessary.

According to Idlib media sources, in recent days, a large number of leaders of terrorist organizations, Jabhat al-Nusra and HTSh, have moved their families and property from various parts of Idlib province closer to the border to flee to Turkey.

Sources report that among the two organizations mentioned above, confusion and collapse began following successful operations by the Syrian army in several districts of Idlib Province, which led to the liberation of a number of localities and strategic heights (hills).

It is also noted that, due to the offensive of the government forces, there was a serious disagreement between the two terrorist organizations and an exchange of accusations against the background of their failure in hostilities.

As a result of the fighting, the following commanders were eliminated: Muhammad Al-Sayyid (nicknamed Abu Talha), Sa’id Al Tahan (nicknamed Abu Khaled), and Omar Al-Hawash (nicknamed Abu Katada). Liquidation of commanders continues.

Terrorists have sought to expand and expand their geographic footprint in Syrian territory and distribute spheres of influence with Western and Persian Gulf forces.

The Syrian Arab Army’s liberation operations are a strong signal to all forces that want to arrive in northern Syria. You have no place in Syria … We are going to release every piece of land in Syria.

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