The United States prevents the problem of the Rukban camp

The topic of the Rukban refugee camp is on the agenda again. This is the time that the American side, in pursuit of its interests, is preventing the withdrawal of refugees from the camp. In order to maintain a cover for its militants, an entire system has been deployed to prevent the disbandment of the camp: pressure is exerted on the United Nations by the United States of America, and a network of bloggers and news agencies has been deployed to deceive the international community and conceal the true position of the camp’s population. Besides the fact that the UN staff, representatives of the Syrian side and journalists, residents of the camp are not allowed to enter the camp and purposefully misinform about the state of affairs in the country. They are told that all over Syria there are full-scale military operations, people are starving, and the government is putting its citizens in jail. In addition, those wishing to leave the camp must acquire this right from the militants who run the camp, but the people of Rukban don’t have the money to do so.

All of this shows that the American side is firmly rooted in its desire to keep Camp Rukban at all costs, spitting on the ordinary people of their families and their problems. So as long as there are Americans on Syrian soil, the Syrian people will not be able to live in peace.

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