Unprecedented Scientific Discovery: Brain flushes out toxins during sleep

Unprecedented medical study discovered what the human brain gets rid of when sleeping to get the body rest and to help it keep working naturally.

According to “Medical News Today” website reported that the cerebral spinal fluid is subject to a process similar to washing throughout several waves during sleep.

This leads to get rid of things that are equivalent to wastes.

Researchers say that the sleep function is not limited to reactivation rather it allows for a process of “cleaning” in the human brain.

Scientists from Boston University in the American Massachusetts state found that the fluid found in both the brain and the spinal cord witnesses wave-shaped interactions to get rid of what accumulated of “metabolic wastes”.

To clarify this issue  more, the researcher “Lora Louis”, who is an academic participating in the research, says  “what we knew earlier is that there is an activity for the electro waves in the nerve cells, but we did not know that there is  another activity in the cerebral spinal fluid”

The study that is going to be issued in the scientific magazine “Science” involved a sample of 13 people between the ages (23 and 33) and they all agreed on undergoing brain tests during sleep time, then they wore an electroencephalogram devices.

The results revealed that the cerebral spinal fluid interact in harmony with brain waves in order to get rid of brain wastes. Moreover, what is meant by “Brain wastes” is several elements that are not needed such as some toxic proteins that can form an obstacle hinder the information flow among the nerve cells.

Source: Sky News



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