The terrorists of al-Nusra and the White Helmets are preparing, in coordination with Western and Turkish intelligence, for a chemical representative fabrication and accusing the Syrian Arab Army of it.

On December 11, General Organization of Radio and TV – Syria reported that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTSh) militants, in coordination with the White Helmets and under the supervision of Turkish and European experts, delivered a batch of chemicals with toxic gaseous chlorine in cylinders to the cities of Saraqeb and Maaret al-Nuuman south of Idlib.

The cylinders reached two areas outside Idlib Province in two White Helmets vehicles.

The transfer process was monitored by HTSH terrorist experts from France, Belgium and Turkey.

Sources added that the cylinders arrived in Sarakeb last Wednesday at dawn and were stored at one of Takfiri’s headquarters south of IDLIB, while the other cylinders were heading to Ma’aret al-Nu’man area.

Sources quoted a member of the White Helmets group as saying that the process of transferring the cylinders to their new locations was conducted jointly with the local leader of HTSH.

Many of the documents found by the Syrian Arab Army in the areas freed from terrorism where the White Helmets operate are linked to the organization’s association with terrorist organizations and support them in preparing and promoting the use of chemical weapons against civilians, as has been the case on several occasions in East Gut in Damascus province and Aleppo to accuse the Syrian Arab Army.

The Russian Federation has been informed on several occasions that French and Belgian spies have arrived in Idlib province to prepare for a provocation using toxic chemicals and have met with field leaders from the terrorist organizations HTSh and White Helmets to coordinate the establishment of a new chemical office to accuse the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Federation of using toxic substances against the civilian population.

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