Corruption Self-examination

Sociologists say :

– If you usually put more sugar or milk in your tea when in a hotel than you do at home, you are likely to be corrupt…

– If you use more tissues, soap, or perfume in a restaurant or public place than you do at home, you have a potential for embezzlement if given opportunity.

– If you serve yourself more food that you can finish in weddings and open buffets just because someone else is paying the bill, you are likely to embezzle public funds if given opportunity.

– If you usually jump queues, you have the potential to climb others’ shoulders to gain power.

– If you consider the money and other things that you pick up from the street is your right, you are a potential thief.

– If you are more concerned about knowing someone’s surname rather than first name, you’re likely to be racist, and you are likely to help people just for their origins, and also if you care about the person, not the thought and achievements.

– If you love a woman just because she does not cost you anything, you are definitely a leech and more likely to sell yourself for the one who pay.

– If you break the traffic rules and have no regard for traffic lights, then you have a potential for all abuses even if innocent people are the victims.

– If you look at this post and wonder whether it was really necessary to talk about these issues; then your own interest prevails over uncovering the ills of society.

Let us try to be distinguished people wherever we are, and remember that honesty is what you do when you are by yourself and not in the presence of people.

Finally, fighting corruption starts from the self through the family and school curricula by fostering moral and national values since childhood.

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