Right Before Our Eyes ;Part 14 – Muslim Brotherhood as reservist to the Pentagon

By : ( Thierry Meyssan )

In 2006, the British asked Hamad, the Emir of Qatar, to put the Al Jazeera television channel at the disposal of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Libyan, Mahmoud Jibril, who trained the royal family to speak the language of democracy, was tasked with integrating his brothers step by step into the channel, establishing foreign language channels (English, then Bosnian, Turkish) and a children’s channel.

Then the Brotherhood preacher (Yusuf al-Qaradawi) became the “legal advisor” of the channel. The channel will, of course, broadcast and verify the sound recordings or videos of Osama bin Laden.

In the same period, US forces in Iraq had to confront a widening uprising.

After being defeated by the element of surprise and brutality of the invasion, the “shock of terror” technique, Iraqis later managed to organize their resistance.

The US ambassador to Baghdad, who later became director of the National Intelligence, John Negroponte, suggested that to overcame Iraqis they must  split them, turn their anger against each other, and turn the resistance of the occupation into a civil war.

As an expert in military operations, he also participated in Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, organized the Civil War in El Salvador, and Operation Iran-Contra in Nicaragua, and led to the collapse of the insurgency in Chiapas, Mexico.

Negroponte called one of the men he had relied on in El Salvador, Colonel James Steele, and entrusted him with the task of creating Iraqi Shiite militias against Sunnis and Sunnis against Shiites.

As for Sunni militias, Steele turned to the Islamists. Colonel Steele, from al-Qaeda in Iraq, armed a tribal alliance, the Islamic Emirate of Iraq (ISIS in the future) under the guise of private security (the “Wolf Brigade”).

To intimidate victims and their families, the Principality was created to torture according to the methods and means of the School of America.

As well as according to the methods (Political Warfare Cadres Academy de Taïwan) where he was a teacher.

It is only a few months, until a new horror series began to pour over the heads of Iraqis, dividing them according to their sectarian affiliation.

Later, when Gen. David Petraeus took command of US forces in the country, he appointed Colonel James Kaufman to work with Colonel Steele and report on operations, while Brett McGark was reporting directly to President Obama.

The recruitment of the main leaders of the Islamic Emirate took place  in Camp Bucca detention, but after they are subject to the terms of the Abu Ghraib prison, according to the methods (D.olbert Biedermann), and (Martin Seligman) in “brainwashing.”

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld supervised everything from Washington, relying on Colonel Steele, who was directly under him.

Washington informed the Muslim Brotherhood in 2007 of its desire to overthrow secular regimes in the broader Middle East, including allied states, and the need to begin preparing itself for the exercise of power.

 (to be continued ….)

  • Source: ( voltairenet.org )

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