The Russian army continues to provide humanitarian assistance to the population of the Syrian Arab Republic

Russian military personnel continue to provide humanitarian assistance to residents of the Syrian Arab Republic .

On 11 December 2019, Russian servicemen held a humanitarian action for residents of Jallin, Dar’a province.

Poor people were given food packages with flour, sugar, rice, condensed milk, tea, school bags and warm clothes.

At the same time, residents were able to obtain qualified medical assistance from Russian military doctors.

The village of Jallin was badly damaged during the fighting, and houses and communications were destroyed.

The local school was badly damaged by the constant shelling.

Despite all this, peaceful life continues to return to the city.

Aziz Al-Smadi, a local resident, said: “The assistance that Russia has provided today is very timely.

This is a vivid example of friendship between the peoples of Syria and Russia.

We hope that our states will continue to cooperate as closely in the future.

At the end of the humanitarian action, the residents of Jallin thanked the Russian side for their assistance and support in such a difficult time for them.

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