Secrets revealed by President Bashar al-Assad for the first time ?!

As part of his dialogue with “Russia Today”, President Bashar al-Assad revealed, for the first time, new secrets about the real causes of the Syrian crisis, what are these secrets, and why was he keen to blow up the theory of the Qatar gas pipeline that is rival to the Russian now, and what information was revealed about the American theft of Syrian oil?

The writer (Abdul Bari Atwan) stopped at some of the points that went through the dialogue, which according to the writer were of great significance:

  • First: the categorical denial of what was so popular at the beginning of the Syrian crisis, that the main reasons for this war was his refusal, President Assad, to allow a Qatari gas pipeline through the territory of his country and Turkey to Europe to compete with Russian gas pipeline, he revealed for the first time that there was actually an oil and gas pipeline that was one of the causes of the war on Syria, but it was not Qatari from south to north, but “Iranian” from east to west, and that this oil pipeline was stretching through Iraqi territory to Syria and the Mediterranean; It was the Syrian agreement to extend this pipe that precipitated in the war and the bombing of the Syrian crisis to prevent it.

  • Second: President Bashar al-Assad’s assertion that the United States, which supported ISIS and covered it up and even helped smuggling stolen Syrian oil through Turkish territory and the Iraqi Kurdistan region, did not occupy northeast Syria for its wealth because it does not need oil and its revenues ($ 30 million). It is the largest oil producing country (12 million barrels per day) in the world, but the use of this region and its oil and agricultural wealth as a bargaining chip and extortion in any future negotiations.

  • Third: the restoration of Idlib will not take long if the Syrian Arab Army begins its offensive, and the reason for the delay is to give civilians a chance to leave for government-controlled areas, but al-Nusra front does not allow them to return and wants to hold them as hostages.

  • Fourth: President al-Assad does not expect the reconstruction process to begin soon, not only because of the US siege, but also because the American administration is preventing any company from investing in this process and threatening it with sanctions. Therefore, the reconstruction process will be carried out gradually, and depending on the competent Syrian human resources, while emphasizing two things, that no country that stood against Syria will ever be allowed to participate in the reconstruction process, and secondly, that the greatest chance will be for friendly countries and their companies.

The writer asserts that the point regarding the Iranian oil and gas pipeline will be the focus of attention for all scholars, researchers and historians of the Syrian crisis, because it overturned all previous theories and blew them up from their roots,  perhaps this explains the supportive position  of Iran and its allies from Syria , as Syria was and still is a victim of a “conspiracy” which the United States drew its lines and distributed it roles to the participants, whether Arab or European, very carefully.

Perhaps the current moves and mobilizations against Iran, and the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement in response to the desire of “Israeli” confirms what  President  Assad said, because the arrival of Iranian oil and gas to the shores of the Mediterranean will overturn all the equations of power and wealth together; the writer concludes.

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