Daily Archives: Sunday December 15th, 2019

The efforts exerted by the Syrian government and Russia to rid the refugees of Al-Rukban camp from their suffering

In order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in February 2019, the Syrian Government, with the assistance of Russia, decided to open two humanitarian corridors to ensure the access of internally displaced persons from the Rukban refugee camp to their chosen places of residence. Border crossing points in Jleb and Al-Ghourab began operations. According to the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of ...

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Syria beyond the sun on the doors of glory

I came out of an open heart operation. They told me not to speak or write much. I said why, they said this is dangerous for your life. I said is my life more precious than my country ? We are in Syria the country of the sun, light, science and sacrifices. I will write to you what happened with ...

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Syrian Literacy Revival

Illiteracy represents the biggest challenge for states and nations, as it impedes the human development process. Therefore, states and international and community-based organizations exert great efforts to get rid of illiteracy through programs and strategies to spread and provide education for all people. Syria has made great progress in the field of literacy, as it developed plans and curricula for ...

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