Syria beyond the sun on the doors of glory

I came out of an open heart operation. They told me not to speak or write much. I said why, they said this is dangerous for your life. I said is my life more precious than my country ?

We are in Syria the country of the sun, light, science and sacrifices.

I will write to you what happened with me in Tehran one day (2013). With me on that day, there were Dr. Abdul Latif Omran, editor-in-chief of Al-Baath Newspaper, Mr. Ali Al-Shaer, Editor-in-Chief of Tishreen Newspaper, and Mr. Elias Murad, President of the Syndicate of Journalists in Syria at the time, and some journalists, when  Mr. Hussein Abdallahian, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister at the Iranian Foreign Ministry, invited us, and said: “I will tell you a secret  about President Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asmaa al-Assad.”

He said that when the conspiracy intensified on Syria, Imam Khamenei asked  president Assad to come to Tehran and direct the battle against Syria’s enemies from there.

At then, the figure of Assad had not been known at this level of mighty leadership. He thanked President Khamenei and informed him that the leader does not leave his country in any circumstances. Imam Khamenei added a second letter requesting that the first lady and her children come as a guests to Tehran until things are clear.

He thanked the president again and said that the first lady had  a lot of charity and righteousness works here ,and had a lot to do and she will not leave her country. The years went by and we must review what happened in Syria from the health perspective only.

President Hafez al-Assad, may God have mercy on him, had ordered the construction of thousands of hospitals and clinics in Syria and crowned them with the great medical edifice: Assad University Hospital. He then opened Al-Basel Heart Hospital, where I am writing to you from,  a civilized edifice in the world of cardiology; a hospital that I can’t find words to describe  its great doctors and equipment.

Then president Assad opened the ophthalmology hospital to serve all the Syrian people, and then appeared the first lady fighting her own battle with breast cancer.

It was a great testimony by enemies before friends in the harsh conditions of war, she  focused on cancer patients in general and moved the subject in practice for fifteen days, so that the labs of cancer drugs are pumping in our country required medicines to be sold at nominal prices! Isn’t she a great woman? a great role model in her serious endeavor to eliminate cancer in particular! ..

And you tell me not to write or talk due to my open heart surgery?

But were Syrians born just to live!

( By: Dr. Ali Al-Shoaibi )

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