Syrian Literacy Revival

Illiteracy represents the biggest challenge for states and nations, as it impedes the human development process. Therefore, states and international and community-based organizations exert great efforts to get rid of illiteracy through programs and strategies to spread and provide education for all people.

Syria has made great progress in the field of literacy, as it developed plans and curricula for this purpose and issued the Literacy Act. Great successes were achieved, illiteracy rate remarkably declined in the last few years, and some governorates were declared as free of illiteracy.

According to the statistics of the Central Statistics Office, illiteracy is higher in females than males, so the literacy program focus was on women.

Literacy courses were accompanied with health, social, and cultural education and rehabilitation courses, so that women graduates with the ability to understand the events taking place around them, work and raise their children, and manage their houses well.

Literacy opens up new opportunities for women and men who have been deprived of education, and enhances their abilities and skills in order to enable them to raise their income, access health and education services, participate in public life, contribute to social change processes, and eradicate poverty.

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