Daily Archives: Monday December 16th, 2019

Soldiers of the Russian Forces continue distributing humanitarian aid in the suburbs of Daraa

On December 15, servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces held another humanitarian action in the village of Smad in Dar’a province. Local residents were given food packages with flour, sugar, rice, condensed milk and tea. In parallel with the food, those in need were able to receive qualified medical care from Russian military doctors. During the humanitarian action, security and ...

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Golan Missiles are beyond Retaliation ?!

According to Al-Binaa Lebanese Newspaper, there are indications that the main cycle of the US bet on the results desired from the financial pressures on Iraq, Lebanon and Iran is falling. This poses many questions about Washington’s approach in dealing with the preliminary objectives in Iraq and Lebanon to reach the ultimate goal in Iran, while Washington is facing major ...

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Physicists Claim Discovering Strong Evidence of a New Force in the World

Four main forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and two nuclear interactions contribute in combining and separating everything in our surrounding world. Now physicists believe that they have detected activities related to a fifth physical force, originating from the helium atom. This is not the first time researchers claim that they discovered a similar force. A few years ago, they witnessed that in ...

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