Physicists Claim Discovering Strong Evidence of a New Force in the World

Four main forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and two nuclear interactions contribute in combining and separating everything in our surrounding world.

Now physicists believe that they have detected activities related to a fifth physical force, originating from the helium atom.

This is not the first time researchers claim that they discovered a similar force. A few years ago, they witnessed that in the decline of the beryllium isotope.

Now, the same team has spotted a second example of the mysterious force, and the particles it is believed to carry, which they call (X17), and if the discovery is confirmed, learning more about (X17) not only will make us better understand the forces that govern our world, but also will solve the mystery of dark matter.

Attila Krasnahorkai and his colleagues from the Institute of Nuclear Research in Hungary suspected that something strange happened in 2016 after analyzing the way (beryllium-8) emits light as it recedes.

If this light is sufficiently active, it transforms into an electron and a positron moving away from each other at a predictable angle before miniaturization.

According to the law of energy conservation, as the energy of light that produces the two particles increases, the angle between them should decrease (at least in terms of statistics).

Curiously, this is not all what the research team has observed, as it turned out that there was an unexpected increase in the number of separated electrons and positrons, at an angle of 140 degrees.

The study seemed strong enough, and it immediately attracted the attention of other researchers around the world who suggested that a wholly new particle could be responsible for this anomaly.

Its characteristics indicated that it could be a completely new type of essential “boson” (an elementary particle believed to be responsible for the substance’s acquisition of its mass).

This is not a flimsy claim, as we currently know that there are (4) main forces, and we know as well that (3) of them have “bosons” carrying signs of gravity and repel. This new “boson” cannot be one of the particles which carry the four known forces, and that is due to its distinctive mass (about 33 times the mass of an electron).

So, all evidence suggests that the “boson” is the carrier of a fifth new force. Discovering a new molecule is a great piece of news in the world of physics and it requires a lot of examination.

Through intensive work, the team calculated that the helium nucleus can also produce a short-lived “boson”, with a mass of just under 17 MVA.

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